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Our Commitment to Veterans

Chief Carriers deeply values the unique qualities veterans bring to the workforce, emphasizing their discipline, reliability, and strong work ethic.

Our dedicated training and support for veterans include specialized programs and collaborations with veteran organizations, ensuring a seamless transition to civilian careers. With our mentorship system, veterans receive personalized guidance, fostering skill development and career progression within the trucking industry.

We’re committed to offering veterans a supportive and rewarding career path, acknowledging their invaluable service and contributions.

Transitioning Military Skills to Trucking

The skills and experiences gained in the military seamlessly transition into the trucking industry, especially in areas such as logistical operations, a strong emphasis on safety, and a commitment to mission accomplishment.

At Chief Carriers, we have witnessed numerous success stories of veterans who have utilized these skills to thrive in their new careers, underscoring the natural alignment between military service and trucking professions. These testimonies highlight not just a career change, but a continuation of service, this time on the nation’s highways.

Air Force Army Marine Corps Navy
2TI – Vehicle Operator 88M – Motor Transport Operator 3531 – Motor Vehicle Operator EO – Equipment Operator
2FO – Fueler 92F – Fueler
3E2 – Pavement and Construction Equipment Operator 14T – Patriot Launching Station Operator

Benefits and Compensation


Chief Carriers provides a comprehensive benefits package for veterans, including health, dental, and retirement plans, alongside veteran-specific benefits. The compensation structure is competitive, featuring bonus opportunities and incentives designed to recognize the unique contributions of veteran drivers.

Whether you have benefits through the VA or not, you want to know that you are backed by your place of employment. Chief Carriers ensures our drivers are backed by insurance, retirement benefits, and more.

Chief Carriers Drivers Enjoy

• Medical Insurance
• Prescription Medication Insurance
• Dental and Vision Insurance
• Life Insurance ($20,000 – Company Paid)
• Disability Insurance
• 401k Plan (with Company Match up to 8%)
• Flexible Spending Plan
• Paid Vacation
• Our drivers have access to their paid vacation days after 90 days of employment. We also give drivers 8 paid holidays at $180/day.

Bonuses and Extras

• Generous Referral Bonus
• Fuel Bonus
• Steel Tarp Pay
• Side Kit Pay
• Lumber Tarp Pay
• Weekly Settlements
• Half Tarp Pay
• Stop-Off Pay/Per Stop After Initial Pickup Or Stop
• Minimum Pay – For Loads Under 400 Miles
• Broad-Based Layover Pay
• Breakdown Pay
• Paid Orientation

Comprehensive Training and Support


Chief Carriers offers comprehensive training and support tailored for veterans, encompassing specialized programs and partnerships with veteran organizations to facilitate a smooth transition.

Our mentorship system pairs new drivers with experienced mentors, ensuring personalized guidance and support. This approach not only accelerates skill development but also enhances career progression opportunities within the trucking industry.

Career Opportunities and Growth


At Chief Carriers, veterans have access to a wide array of career opportunities that leverage their unique skills and experiences. From driving roles with the potential to become owner-operators, showcasing independence and entrepreneurial spirit, to advancing into leadership positions within logistics and operations, the company is committed to facilitating growth.

Specialized roles, such as safety compliance and training coordinators, also align well with veterans’ aptitude for discipline and mentorship, ensuring a rewarding career trajectory that honors their service.

Community and Culture

Chief Carriers fosters a culture of belonging and purpose, resonating with veterans’ values and experiences from military service. The company actively supports veteran groups and encourages participation in community service, offering various events and recognition programs specifically tailored for veterans.

This environment not only honors their service but also integrates their strengths into our community and workplace.

Lease Program Opportunities For Veterans

We understand that entering the world of long-haul and flatbed jobs can be expensive upfront. Even if you are already driving in some capacity, you may not have all the resources you need to get started.

Chief Carriers offers a leasing program for drivers to work their way towards sole ownership. This is part of our promise to give our veteran drivers everything they need to succeed at Chief Carriers.

Our Lease Program Highlights Include


Walk-Away Lease Options Paid Plates/Permits Zero or Low Down Payment Options
No Charge Mobile Comm In-House Maintenance Account and Escrow Program 100% Pass-Through on Fuel Discounts
Fuel Surcharge Program Company Supplied Tarps and Securement Equipment


Drivers Can Lease-To-Own the Following

2021 Freightliner Cascadia 2020 Peterbilt Model 567 2019 Peterbilt Model 579
2017-2018 Freightliner Cascadia


The Quick Brown Fox

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