See What Our Drivers Are Saying About Us.

"I left to be with a better company (or so I thought) things didn’t work out, and Chief was more than welcoming to have me back. I saw what other companies had to offer and I like Chief better. It took me leaving to realize how great it was."

Mike Jones
Mike JonesChief Driver

"Chief offers pay benefits that other companies sometimes don’t. Tarp, layover, breakdown pay and excellent benefits. The people you work with are very friendly and they go the extra mile to help as much as they can."

Vince Vaughn
Vince VaughnChief Driver

"I have been with Chief for the last six years, and I know I will retire here. Not only am I a driver for Carriers, so is my son. We came here because of the quality of Chief, the quality of their equipment and their ability to put their people first. Drivers are able to create flexible schedules that work for them and to be home at least every other weekend. If something does happen while a driver is out and he/she needs to be home asap, Chief will make it happen. They understand the importance of family.

This, people first, mentality is best portrayed by DJ Eihusen. The first safety banquet that I attended as a new driver, DJ came up to me with a full understanding of who I was, who my wife was, how many children we have and where we live. It was pretty cool to have him know me by name and treat me with dignity and respect."

Kevin Fhuere
Kevin FhuereChief Driver

"At Chief, you aren’t just a driver, you are part of a family. Here, the CEO takes the time to talk to you as a person, which makes you feel like you are a part of something, and I am proud to be a part of that."

Dallas Wheelock
Dallas WheelockChief Driver