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Driven Too Far: The Truth About Trucking

Learn more about the life of a truck driver with Driven Too Far: The Truth About Trucking. With tips and trucker stories, this podcast helps over-the-road (OTR) drivers balance family and trucker life.
inside then podcast room of Chief Carriers' trucking podcast "Driven Too Far: The Truth About Trucking"

Do You Want to Know the Truth About Trucker Life?

Your Host, Andrew Winkler of Chief Carriers, Reveals All!


The life of a truck driver can be challenging. And here at Chief Carriers, we’re drawing back the curtain on trucker life. You can learn what it’s really like behind the wheel – and how to find a better work/life balance.

Driven Too Far: The Truth About Trucking Is Powered By Chief Carriers

Driven Too Far: The Truth About Trucking is an honest, open trucker podcast aimed at helping you succeed on the road.

What Is Driven Too Far About?


Driven Too Far is an inside look into trucker life. Not only will you learn how the trucking business works, but you’ll gain insight into real life on the road.

With your host, Andrew Winkler, as your guide, you will discover:

  • Truck driving tips to improve your experience and trip planning
  • How to manage life as a truck driver during economic uncertainty
  • What steps truck companies are taking to retain and recruit drivers
  • Safety tips to make sure you get you back home safe and sound

But you’ll also learn what it’s like to simply be driven too far. Andrew won’t hold back on telling you what happens when trucking life becomes all-consuming. And he’ll help you figure out a way back from this brink.

Driven Too Far is more than just a trucker or road podcast. It will take you to a destination you won’t find on any map – and that destination is balance.


Why Is Driven Too Far Important?


There are few trucking industry execs willing to get in the cab and listen to you. But your host, Andrew Winkler, wants to sit by your side and help you enjoy life on the road. 

He started just like you – a truck driver wanting a work/life balance. Now that he’s found that balance, he wants to share his knowledge to help you live a happier, healthier trucker life. 

This sense of community, of sharing stories and lifting each other up, is what we strive for at Chief Carriers. We’re family. And we support each other! 

Driven Too Far Highlights

Past episode highlights include:

  • How to become a truck driver
  • The reality of trying to strike a work/life balance as a trucker 
  • Staying strong through economic downturns and low mileage months 
  • The tech truck drivers need most 

Chief Carriers understands these concerns. It’s why we’re committed to helping you find harmony between work and life. To learn more about driving trucks for Chief, contact us! 

About Your Host, Andrew Winkler 

Andrew spent years yelling at dispatch over the phone. Missing his family. Struggling with long hours and hard times on the road. 

He was, eventually, driven too far. 

Now an industry exec, he’s committed to shedding light on the trucking business. He’ll show you that it’s absolutely possible to have a trucking life, and a family that you love. 

Find harmony. Have the life of a truck driver you deserve. Listen to Driven Too Far now.