Motor-City-Caliber Trucking Jobs in Michigan With Chief Carriers

Apply now for Truck Driving Jobs in Michigan With Chief Carriers And enjoy Awesome Pay Grades Along with Premium Perks!

Earn the Most Money With our Trucking Jobs in Michigan

Chief Carriers has been in operations since 1973, and is a fully-fledged subsidiary of Chief Industries. We love being a dependable and loyally-backed service to supply transportation solutions to the U.S. and Canada, and primarily focus on the time-efficient hauling of flatbed loads to supply the recent boom in construction.

We strive every day to deliver cost-effective logistics services for our customers, and are proud of our reputation built on impeccable customer service, professional-caliber operations, and prompt delivery. To become part of our extended Chief Carriers family, fill out an online application today!

four drivers for chief carriers accept the patriot award

The Time-Proven Appeal of Teamwork

We have always fully believed that a major and integral component in the success of any company is its employees’ level of satisfaction. Here at Chief Carriers, we offer competitive pay rates, and world-class benefits to every single employee that is moving goods across the nation and our borders every day. We strive to recognize amazing drivers who go above and beyond every day, and know that when you succeed we will as well.

ground floor shot of a new chief carriers semi in the bay in grand island, nebraska

What We Need From an Eager Upstart

We are always happy to provide thorough on-the-job training for ideal candidates, and recognize determination and grit when we see it. Our minimum qualifications are:

  • Please be 23 yrs of age
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Flatbed experience is desired, but we will see to it that we give you the best in training if you meet our needs
  • Minimum of six months experience driving on the the road
  • The absence of any DUI/DWI or drug convictions over the past five years
two truck drivers in front of a chief carriers trailer

The Benefits Speak Volumes:

We are proud here at Chief Carriers to provide our employees with a number of benefits that are among the very best in the trucking industry. You’ll be enjoying class-leading perks such as these:

  • Guaranteed time off for the Christmas holiday
  • Dental, vision, life, and medical insurance offerings
  • The perks of a flexible spending plan
  • 401k with up to 8% match from yours truly
  • New drivers enjoy bonus pay
  • The industry’s best referral bonuses
  • Paid vacation after 3 months of consistent employment
  • 8 fully-paid annual holiday
  • And much more!
ground floor shot of a new chief carriers semi in the bay in grand island, nebraska
inside of chief carriers peterbuilt

Earnings that are Above and Beyond the Norm:

The top 25% of our company’s drivers will draw more than $90,000 per year, which is over $10,000 more than the average driver who embarks out onto the road. Chief Carriers provides flatbed training so you will have a higher earning potential, and also pays out a very practical mileage amount for what you drive. Don’t worry about taking in paychecks that are below average, as Chief Carriers provides our drivers with options personally backed by us to assure that you earn steady pay no matter what the week, weather, or economy is doing outside!