Chief Carriers Hires Firefighters and Police Officers

November 30, 2021
firefighters and police officers

Chief Carriers Hires Firefighters and Police Officers

Firefighters and police officers struggle with what to do with their time after retirement or a major career change. These frontline heroes are some of our most important public servants. And they spend years developing the kinds of skills that keep their communities safe.

However, these jobs are both dangerous and stressful, and it’s not uncommon to eventually want a change of career. Truck driving is the perfect new career for police officers and firefighters alike, and we’re going to walk you through why you should begin a new career with Chief Carriers.

What You Should Know About Chief Carriers

Our handy guide will help explain why firefighters and police officers will feel right at home working with Chief Carriers. Before we go any further, though, it’s important to explain what this company is all about.

Chief Carriers first began back in 1973 as a way of helping Chief Industries better serve its own community. And that community has grown over time, with Chief Carriers now serving 48 contiguous states as well as Canada.

While the community has grown, our need to serve that community has grown as well. And who better to help us do that than the firefighters and the police officers who specialize in protecting us all?

Now that you know a bit more about who Chief Carriers is, we are going to focus on why those with experience as firefighters and police offers are uniquely suited for a career as truckers.

Put That Vehicle Training To Use

The first thing new truck drivers have to learn is simple: how to drive a truck! While the right training can prepare just about anyone to be a truck driver, we have discovered that firefighters and law enforcement officers usually have an advantage when learning.

One reason for this is that many LEOs and firefighters have experience driving large vehicles and operating complex machinery. After you’ve driven a fire truck around, for example, a large truck is no longer that intimidating!

What about police officers and firefighters without this kind of experience? Arguably, the self-discipline of your former career as well as your willingness to learn and master new skills automatically gives you an edge over others who apply for the same job.

Discipline and Work Ethic

Sometimes, terms like “discipline” and “work ethic” feel a bit like buzzwords. After all, it seems like every employer and even every worker uses these words. But we’ve discovered that firefighters and law enforcement truly embody what discipline and a strong work ethic are all about!

It’s not hard to see why. Patrolling the streets as a police officer or combating fires as a firefighter means putting your life on the line. And nobody can put their lives in danger every day for virtual strangers without a work ethic and discipline.

But over time, many with this kind of selfless experience crave a change of pace. And here at Chief Carriers, we are proud to offer awesome jobs that best utilize the discipline you have spent a lifetime developing.

Pleasant Change of Environment

It’s true that some police officers and firefighters keep at the job until they are ready to retire. However, others want to change careers earlier than that because they worry about dying and leaving their families behind. Others simply want a break from the stress: after all, it’s not uncommon for dangerous jobs to leave people with PTSD.

Obviously, driving a truck is far safer than serving as a police officer or a firefighter. And if you want a break from the stress, many who switch from those fields to trucking report that the experience is very therapeutic. The feeling of the open road and the ability to help others out is a joyful experience, and this is one more reason that those who transition to this new field are so happy with it.

Solid Financial Opportunities

One of the reasons people hesitate to change careers is, of course, money. You already know exactly how much you make at your current job. And it can be a bit scary about entering into a new career when you don’t understand the financial potential.

Fortunately, the financial potential at Chief Carriers is really great. The top 25% of our drivers earn over $92,000 each year. On top of that, you get paid fair wages for each mile you drive and can earn even more money if you drive a flatbed truck.

The great financial opportunities, as well as awesome benefits, are more reasons we think you’ll love life as a trucker. And there is always room for former law enforcement and firefighters in the Chief Carriers family.

Continued Service

Of course, nobody really gets into law enforcement or fighting fires just to earn a paycheck. Instead, these jobs are like a calling with a very specific purpose. And that purpose is to serve your community.

Sometimes, this makes it difficult to change careers. But we have a slightly different perspective: to us, driving trucks is one more way that you can serve the community you love.

Without truck drivers, grocery stores wouldn’t be able to sell food to their communities. Without truck drivers, children wouldn’t get the Christmas gifts they have been dreaming of. In fact, without truck drivers, the entire country will come grinding to a halt!

And that could happen sooner rather than later. With the current trucker shortage, it is harder than ever for many to get the goods they need to thrive and survive. But by driving for Chief Carriers, you can turn this problem around and serve your community in an exciting new way.

Firefighters and Police Officers: Begin A New Career Today

Now you know why firefighters and police officers make such great truck drivers. But do you know how to kick off your exciting new career today?

Here at Chief Carriers, we are always looking to grow our family. All you have to do is fill out this online application and begin the next chapter of your career!