Flatbed Carriers: Guide to Flatbed Trucking

March 7, 2022
flatbed carriers

When you think of trucking, you probably think of an 18-wheeler cruising down the highway, 53-foot enclosed trailer in tow. However, flatbed trailers are often overlooked by drivers seeking employment.

Flatbed carriers have increased their spot rates by nearly 26% in the last year alone.

Demand for flatbed carriers is only increasing, and you might find yourself wondering if driving a flatbed is right for you. Keep reading this flatbed trucking guide to learn all about the sector. So, is flatbed trucking in your future? Keep reading!

What Is Flatbed Trucking?

Andrew Winkler, General Manager of Chief Carriers, discusses opportunities in the trucking industry for flatbed carriers.

Flatbed trucking is like enclosed trailer trucking in the sense that you’re still hauling loads to a destination.

Unlike enclosed loads, you’ll often deal with heavier, bulkier, and oversized items across various trailers. Because of these differences, flatbed trucking requires you to keep some considerations in mind.

Advantages of Flatbeds

One of the first advantages of flatbed carriers is the ease of loading and unloading. Material handlers can approach the trailer from all three sides to remove items. Most loading and unloading of goods from a flatbed can happen from any angle.

Another benefit is the ability to see your load while driving, making it easier to keep tabs on how secure it is. If you’re a safety-conscious driver, the open nature of the shipments lends itself to pre and post-inspections.

Disadvantages of Flatbeds

Flatbed carriers need to be diligent with their loads and driving. If goods shift or falter in a dry trailer, they’ll still be contained. If your shipment is not secured correctly or you miss an issue during an inspection, the potential for harm and liability is high.

Another disadvantage is the potential for wide and oversized loads. Construction equipment and other large items are often shipped on flatbeds, and driving with these loads requires greater concentration. You may also have to comply with local laws regarding pacer cars and other considerations.

Best Flatbed Carriers: Driver Benefits

flatbed carriers

Let’s face it: in a competitive job market, you want to leverage your skills for the most gain. When it comes to trucking, getting the skills to drive a flatbed increases your potential earnings.

Flatbed drivers also tend to get more physical activity. If staying in shape is one of your priorities, flatbed trucking is the way to go. Flatbed drivers often help with the loading and unloading process by tarping and securing the load.

Another benefit is the varied loads. Each trip can be its own memorable experience compared to hauling a dry van.

If you’re looking for better mental stimulation while driving, flatbed carriers will fill that need. Diligent attention to detail with inspections and driving considerations ensure no boring trips.

Drive for Chief

If you’re looking for a flatbed carrier that invests in their drivers, then look no further. Here at Chief, we offer a slew of incentives along with excellent pay for our drivers. Please don’t take it from us, however. Our drivers continue to give testimonial after testimonial.

We’re hiring, especially for flatbed drivers. Even if you have no experience, we’ll train you on the job to get you up to speed.

Still not sold? Contact us today with any questions, and we’ll be glad to answer them. And, don’t forget to ask about our lease programs! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!