Flatbed Driver Jobs in Nebraska

April 19, 2022

Are you searching for Flatbed Driver Jobs in Nebraska? Chief Carriers is one of the best fleets to drive for in America and Nebraska. Flatbed truck driving jobs are a little different than other lines of trucking. So, let’s dive in!

What is Flatbed Trucking?

Flatbed trucking is a type of trucking where you will haul uncovered, oversized or wide-load items. You might be transporting building supplies, like lumber, steel coils, shingles, and pipe. Chief Carriers offers you the strength and stability that few transportation companies can rival. We’re proud to be part of Chief Industries, Inc., a family-owned group of companies whose diverse products and services are used in agriculture, commercial construction, structural steel, factory-built housing, and ethanol production businesses. As a premier Flatbed Carrier in Nebraska, we’re proud to carry these loads.

Some flatbed carriers may be hauling military vehicles, machinery, or even mobile homes. Basically, anything that can’t be hauled in an enclosed trailer because of its size or shape.

Flatbed trailers are 53’ long x 102” wide. They’re built with strong aluminum frames and have wooden floors. The most common flatbeds have flat decks, but some have drop decks. Chief Carriers uses Conestoga trailers, too. Conestoga flatbed trailers are a specialized segment of trailers developed with security, versatility, and protection from the elements in mind.

Required Skills 

There are more Flatbed Driver Jobs in Nebraska than there are drivers. And, Chief Carriers is eager to hire new drivers and help train them.

If flatbed driving is new to you, there are some basic skills required you will need to develop:

  • Loading. Most of the time, your large freight will be loaded with forklifts or cranes and assistance of others, which won’t require much effort for you. But depending on the type of freight it is, you may be required to help. And even if you’re not, the regulations and laws are so strict, that you’ll want to always make sure your freight is balanced correctly over the axles and loaded properly. Safety is paramount at Chief Carriers and it will be for you, too.
  • Load securement. Securing your load is a skill you’ll have to acquire quickly. And believe me, it is a skill! The regulations are strict on the types of tie-downs you use and how many. And the Department of Transportation is very thorough about checking how well your load is secured.
  • Tarping. Tarping is another technique that requires some learned skill. Not all loads require tarps, but the ones that do must be covered a certain way.

The Minimum Qualifications

The minimum qualifications to apply for Flatbed Driver Jobs in Nebraska at Chief Carriers are:

  • Minimum of 23 years old
  • Good driving record
  • Prefer flatbed experience (will train)
  • No DUI/DWI or drug conviction last 5 years
  • Minimum of 6 OTR experience
  • Safety-conscious

Run With Chief

You can have a great career as a flatbed trucking driver in Nebraska. You’re going to be impressed by the top-notch treatment you get at Chief Carriers. Whether you’re a CDL driver or a customer, our goal is to always be your first choice of flatbed carriers.

We want your work to be personally satisfying as well as financially rewarding. So, at Chief Carriers, we’ve built the kind of work environment where you’ll feel like part of the family. We know each other here and every member of the office staff stands behind you to make sure you’re successful. That includes providing you with outstanding equipment, maintenance, and safety programs—because nothing is more important than getting you home to your family safe and sound.

Whether you’re a veteran eager to find flatbed driver jobs in Nebraska or a woman considering a new career in trucking for the first time, Chief Carriers has something for everyone. Conveniently headquartered in Nebraska, Chief Carriers is here to help you with your new career.