Previous Military Experience: Chief Carriers Hires Truckers

November 30, 2021
Military Experience

Are you still trying to figure out what life outside the military will look like?

Veterans invest years (if not decades) in service to their country. And time in the service provides these vets with many great skills. Unfortunately, veterans often have trouble translating that military experience into other careers.

That’s where we come in. At Chief Carriers, we do more than respect our troops: we hire them to begin the next exciting stage of their lives!

Wondering why former soldiers thrive as truck drivers with us? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Who Is Chief Carriers?

Our guide is going to walk those with military experience through why they should work with Chief Carriers. Before we go any further, though, we need to tell you a bit about ourselves.

Chief Carriers started way back in 1973. The company grew and expanded over time, and we now serve 48 contiguous states as well as Canada.

At this point, our company is three generations strong. We understand the importance of discipline and tradition, which is why we value those with military experience on their resume.

Military Experience: When Experience Matters

At first, you may be hesitant to apply because you don’t see the connection between truck driving and being a soldier. In reality, though, there is a certain amount of skill overlap that really comes in handy!

military experience

For example, most newbie truck drivers have never handled anything as big as our trucks before. But veterans have a lot of experience handling large and complex machinery.

At Chief Carriers, we do more than respect our troops: we hire them to begin the next exciting stage of their lives!

And even if you never worked with really heavy equipment, time in the military helps shape you into a great learner. Your willingness to learn and master new tasks in short order makes you uniquely suited to a career of truck driving!

Put All Your Skills To Use

When you think about the skills you learned in the military, what do you think about? Many veterans think about this in terms of learning how to drive certain vehicles and operate specialized equipment and weapons.

While these are all valuable skills, there is something else the military helps you master: “soft skills.” Soft skills are the kinds of things that cannot be easily taught and must be gained through years of experience.

Soft skills include things like teamwork, discipline, leadership, and communication skills. The average employee or college grad often struggles with these things that come naturally to veterans. Why not put all your skills to use in an exciting new career?

Great Financial Opportunities

It’s one thing to discuss a new career in terms of the challenges and the excitement. But we understand that what new truckers want is a solid financial opportunity. And that is something we are happy to provide!military experiencemilitary experiencemilitary experience

For example, there are great financial opportunities for our drivers. In fact, the top 25% of our drivers earn over $92,000! One of the reasons for this is that you get paid well for the miles you drive. And there are even more opportunities for those who are willing to undergo our special flatbed truck training.

You can also get started with $0 down. So it’s fair to say that you have nothing to lose by applying!

Reliable Pay

Opportunities for a healthy paycheck sound good, and they are. But in addition to the dollar amounts offered, we have discovered that veterans enjoy the reliability of getting a paycheck from us.

There are many potential job opportunities for vets out there. Unfortunately, many of them are seasonal jobs or part of “the gig economy.” Either way, these kinds of jobs do not offer the kind of steady and reliable pay that you deserve.

Here at Chief Carriers, we are happy to offer you a steady and stable paycheck throughout the entire year. With us, you don’t have to worry about how much your next check will be or whether your job will still be there next month.

Training Made Easy

What do you think the biggest impediment to truck driving is for those thinking about applying? Simple: most people worry that they have no idea how to drive a big truck over large distances.

Here’s an open secret, though: nobody is born with the ability to drive trucks. Everybody needs training, and this is easier for veterans than you may think!

One reason for this is that you can get your GI Bill to cover initial training at a location of your choice. This allows you to learn the ropes and discover if this is the career for you without breaking the bank.

And if you decide to work with Chief Carriers, we offer additional training opportunities you need to grow your skills and expand your financial opportunities.

Genuine Job Security

Part of the enjoyment soldiers get from the military is a sense of job security. In the service, you go to sleep every night knowing that your job is waiting for you when you wake up.

Believe it or not, truck driving is the same way. That is because the country is currently experiencing an extreme shortfall of qualified drivers.

Bottom line? Driving for us, you are going to be working in a field where your skills are extremely in-demand. And because we have such a low turnover rate, you can rest assured you will be satisfied working with us!

Time With Your Family

One of the stereotypes about truck driving is that you spend all of your time on the road. Because of this, many would-be truckers worry about having enough time to spend with their family.

If that sounds like you, then you have no need to worry. Thanks to our new hiring area, our drivers are home more often than ever. And we also guarantee that you won’t be working on Christmas and offer a generous paid vacation package so you can spend even more time with your loved ones.

Who Are We Hiring?

Your military truck driving experience matters! Chief Carriers knows that veterans consistently achieve higher performance ratings, have leadership experience in intensely challenging situations that go far beyond most civilian trucking experiences. Chief Carriers is currently hiring veterans who have previous military experience in the following military specialties. 

U.S. Army:

88M – Motor Transport Operator

92F – Fueler

14T – Patriot Launching Station Operator

U.S. Marine Corps:

3531 – Motor Vehicle Operator

U.S. Navy:

EO – Equipment Operator

U.S. Air Force:

2TI – Vehicle Operator

2FO – Fueler

3E2 – Pavement and Construction Equipment Operator

Put your prior military truck driving experience to work at Chief Carriers! 

Start Your New Career Today!

Now you know why those with military experience should work with Chief Carriers. But do you know how you can get your new career started? We make it nice and easy for you to join the Chief Carriers family. Just fill out this online application and let your new adventures begin!