Researching the best company to drive for? You’re not alone.

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Researching the best company to drive for? You’re not alone. We’ve put together some valuable information to guide you on your journey.

As a new driver entering the trucking industry, it’s important to consider several factors when looking for a carrier to work for.

These include your age, driving record, and work history, as well as your income and home time expectations. In this article, we will provide some tips and information to help new drivers find the best companies to work for and why Chief Carriers is the best company for new drivers.

Research Carriers in Your Area

One of the first steps in finding the right carrier is to research companies in your area that match the criteria you’re looking for. This may include carriers that are near your home or that offer the type of job you’re interested in, such as long-haul or regional driving. You can use resources like Google reviews and the “Best Fleets to Drive For” website to find top carriers in the industry that focus on drivers.

Consider Carrier Hiring Policies and Tuition Assistance

When speaking with a carrier, it’s important to ask about their hiring policies for new drivers, as well as their tuition or scholarship programs to help cover the cost of obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You should also consider enrolling in a CDL school near you, and testing for your license on a truck with a manual transmission, as this will open up more job opportunities.

Asking the right questions, doing your research, and vetting carriers carefully will help you find the best company to drive for.

Vet Carriers Carefully

When vetting carriers, consider factors such as their training pay per week, the length of the training period, and the solo driver pay once training is completed. It’s also important to consider the carrier’s home time policy for drivers and compare benefits packages, as expensive benefits can shrink your net take-home pay.

Industry experts suggest asking a series of important questions to ensure you find the best company to drive for.

Questions to Ask Carriers Who Are Hiring

Andrew Winkler, General Manager of Chief Carriers, recommends that aspiring truckers carefully consider the following questions before selecting a trucking company to work for.

  • What is their training pay per week?
  • How long is the training period? Shorter is not always better.
  • What is the solo driver pay when training is completed? Focus on “gross” pay per week rather than cents per mile.
  • What is their home time policy for drivers, and does it fit your needs?
  • Compare benefit packages. Expensive benefits will shrink your net take-home pay.
  • Ask to speak to other recent students that went through their training program
  • Ask for an offer in writing on pay and details of the job
  • Plan to stick with the carrier for at least one year so as not to tarnish your professional reputation.

Winkler is confident these basic questions will help guide you in finding the best trucking company to work for.

According to Winkler, a great way to familiarize yourself with organizations you’re interested in working for is by talking to recent graduates and existing employees.

Speak with Recent Graduates

Finally, it’s a good idea to speak with other recent students who have gone through the carrier’s training program and to ask for an offer in writing on pay and job details. In order to maintain a positive professional reputation, it’s recommended to stick with a carrier for at least one year.

Why Chief Carriers is the Best Company for New Drivers

Backed by more than 50 years as flatbed carriers, Chief Carriers has flourished into an award-winning trucking company that encourages a driver-focused mindset based on safety and culture. This unique approach to success has resulted in the remarkable achievement of having a driver retention rate twice the national average.

If you’re a new driver looking for an excellent company, look no further than Chief Carriers! Here’s why we believe our team is the best choice:

  • Chief Carriers has a strong focus on providing comprehensive training programs for new drivers. This includes both in-classroom and on-the-job training, which will give new drivers the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the trucking industry.
  • Chief Carriers offers competitive pay and benefits packages to its drivers. This includes not only a fair salary but also comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as retirement and vacation time.
  • Chief Carriers, over the last 50 years, has dedicated to the success and safety of its drivers.
  • Chief Carriers is an award-winning Best Fleets to Drive For trucking company.
  • Chief Carriers is a family-owned and operated company that values its drivers as part of the family. This means new drivers will be joining a supportive and welcoming community of experienced drivers who are always willing to help and give guidance.

Chief Carriers is an excellent company for new drivers looking to start their trucking careers. With comprehensive training, competitive pay, and benefits, and a supportive community of experienced drivers, new drivers will have the best chance of success with Chief Carriers.