Safety360 Video Series: Redefining Trucking Safety with Chief Carriers

October 11, 2023
a Chief Carriers driver and safety manager Brett Kleier pose for a selfie

Safety360 Video Series: Redefining Trucking Safety with Chief Carriers

An Introduction to Trucking Safety First

Chief Carriers proudly unveils the latest installment in their groundbreaking Safety360 Video Series. This initiative is setting the pace in reshaping safety perceptions within the trucking landscape.

The Cornerstone of Open Communication

At the heart of Chief Carriers’ mission is the cultivation of an environment underpinned by transparent communication between its leadership and the company’s very foundation—its drivers.

At its core is an unwavering commitment to safety.

A Testament to Unwavering Commitment

The Safety360 Video Series encapsulates Chief Carriers’ steadfast commitment to the safety and well-being of its drivers. Testament to this pledge is the firm’s open-door and open-phone policies, ensuring drivers always have a safety net of robust support in both professional and personal realms. This isn’t merely a business—it’s a familial bond ensuring everyone’s journey on the road is enveloped in safety.

Trucking safety is paramount at Chief Carriers. Let’s learn more about what’s behind our red-hat culture.

Brett: The Catalyst Behind Trucking Safety Culture

Special accolades are reserved for Brett, the company’s devoted Safety Manager. His ceaseless drive to nurture a culture of transparency and unwavering support places Chief Carriers at the vanguard of safety within the trucking realm.

The Newest Chapter in Safety360

This fresh episode in the Safety360 Video Series beckons drivers and industry stakeholders to enshrine safety as a paramount concern. By showcasing the central role safety assumes in Chief Carriers’ operations, the video stands as a clarion call to the trucking community about the company’s enduring dedication to its driving force and the broader industry.

A Call to Action

Join Chief Carriers on this pioneering journey, as they champion the cause of setting an unparalleled benchmark in safety. The goal is simple yet profound: let’s collectively transition #SafetyFirst from being merely a hashtag to a fundamental principle, ensuring every journey on the road is safe, secure, and fulfilling.

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