Top Flatbed Companies: How to choose.

October 14, 2022
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Choosing the top flatbed companies to work with may be harder than you think. You might be overwhelmed by the numerous alternatives in carriers and unsure which one to select or drive with.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose a flatbed company for. Whether you’re a company looking to move freight or a professional driver choosing a new flatbed carrier to drive for.

Let’s dive in!

Companies Searching for Carriers

The transportation sector is often demanding, especially where goods need to be transferred, customers’ obligations to keep, and bottom lines must be maintained. Some businesses encounter challenges in achieving these goals.

It’s not surprising that shippers’ supply chains suffer when they hastily choose transportation partners without giving it enough thought. There are many providers to pick from and a lot to think about, so it can be overwhelming.

Liz Alvarez, one for our professional drivers, secures a flatbed load.

Liz Alvarez, one of our professional drivers, secures a flatbed load.

If you’re searching for a flatbed services company, we’ve got you covered with our guide to assist you in selecting the finest Flatbed Companies. Whether you’re a business or a driver, our list will help you choose the right carrier.

By partnering with the right group of providers, you can avoid issues with your shipments.

However, with the additional intricacies that come with many flatbeds, step-deck, and open-deck shipments, a steady-handed, seasoned provider who is focused on securing the load safely is required.

It can be difficult to find flatbed carriers who match that description.

Here at Chief Carriers, we’ve been building our expertise as a specialized flatbed carrier for more than 50 years. Today, Chief Carriers is a Best Fleets to Drive for flatbed carrier and ranks as one of the TOP Flatbed Companies in the business.

We are confident in our procedures, safety measures, and ability to transport flatbed goods safely, but we acknowledge that there are other choices in the trucking industry.

At the end of the day, the things that matter most to us are your satisfaction and the smooth and safe shipments of your freight — even if we’re not the flatbed company you choose.

The truth is that there are many flatbed trucking companies in the United States that provide great service.

What are the characteristics of a “top” flatbed company?

Our customers have told us what they look for in a reliable flatbed shipping company, and we’ve listened.

  1. Capacity
  2. Trailer variety

You need a transportation company that can provide the right amount of capacity to handle your freight, as well as trailers equipped for safe and speedy delivery.

Chief Carriers has a large fleet of trucks and trailers to accommodate our customers’ shipping needs. We also have a variety of trailer types, including flatbeds and Conestogas. Chief Carriers has invested in state-of-the-art Peterbilt 579s with superior comfort, safety features, and technology. They really are the truck of the future and they’re better than ever. Peterbilt has always been known for producing safe and efficient trucks with superior technology, and the new Peterbilt trucks are no exception.

This allows us to transport almost anything — no matter the size, shape, or weight.


a group of men with blue jeans and orange high vis jackets standing inside of a diesel mechanic shop.

Professional technicians and diesel mechanics at the Chief Carriers terminal in Nebraska.

Of course, you want your freight to be delivered safely and on time. But you also want to know that the people transporting your freight are safe, too.

When considering flatbed companies, look for one with a strong safety record, like Chief Carriers. We have been honored with many awards for our safety procedures and policies.

We believe that safety starts with hiring the right drivers and maintaining our equipment. Taking these simple steps over the last 50 years has created the “Red Hat” culture of safety we’ve become nationally known for. We also provide comprehensive training for all our employees, so they know how to stay safe on the job.

Our technicians and diesel mechanics are the finest in the industry. They have a critical function in ensuring that our drivers are safe while transporting your freight.

Safety is a hallmark of all TOP Flatbed Companies.


Top-notch customer service is another important characteristic of TOP Flatbed Companies in America.

The team at Chief Carriers is committed to providing the best possible experience for our external customers and professional drivers. We work with our customers to develop a shipping plan that meets their needs, timeline, and budget.

We also have a 24/7 dispatch center, so someone is always available to answer your questions and help solve any problems that

Experience Matters

You’ll want to work with experienced companies when it comes time for your freight to be picked up and transported.

Not only will this give you peace of mind in knowing that your freight is in good hands, but companies with strong histories moving specialized flatbed loads are more likely to provide a positive experience.

With these TOP Flatbed Companies, you can be certain that the trailer bringing your goods will be in good shape when it arrives, the driver on board will know how to use safe securement techniques, and the tractor pulling your freight will be well maintained. These are non-negotiables for Chief Carriers, a Best Fleets to Drive For company.

Flatbed transportation is a difficult business to get into, and it’s something that only comes with time and experience. There are skills, talents, and abilities that can only be learned through decades of flatbed experience.

Over the last 50 years, Chief Carriers has developed a proven track record of safety and growth during good times as well as bad. Chief Carriers was founded in 1973, we encourage you to read about our rich history of transporting freight safely across America.

Asking The Right Questions

When you interview TOP Flatbed Companies, we recommend you ask them for the following:

  1. History of moving flatbed freight
  2. Size of fleet
  3. Types of trailers
  4. Safety records
  5. References from customers
  6. Awards and accolades
  7. Dispatch center hours
  8. Type of communication (email, text, phone)
  9. Customer service philosophy
  10. Driver retention

We hope this content was helpful in providing some basic information about what to look for when choosing a Top Flatbed Company. For more specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss your particular shipping needs.