Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck driver appreciation week is about celebrating America’s Truck Drivers at Chief Carriers.

Many aspects of daily life wouldn’t be possible without truck drivers delivering goods and resources across the highways of America.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is when America comes together to thank truck drivers for their hard work and dedication. It’s demanding and tough, but truck drivers are pivotal to Chief Carriers and to our economy.

Drivers are pivotal to our economy.

The 3.6 million skilled male and female workers not only deliver our products securely, timely, and in a safe manner, but they also ensure that our highways are safe. At Chief Carriers, safety is the highest priority.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week will be celebrated from September 11-17, 2022.

This week, all fifty states will celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week to show how grateful we are for their hard work, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

At Chief Carriers, we want our professional truck drivers to feel appreciated. We want their work to be personally satisfying as well as financially rewarding. So, at Chief Carriers, we’ve built the kind of work environment where they’ll feel like part of the family. This week reinforces that commitment to them.

We’re familiar with each other here, and the office staff backs our drivers to help them be successful. That includes everything from giving excellent equipment, maintenance, and safety programs because nothing is more essential than getting them home safe and sound to their family.

At Chief Carriers, Truck Driver Appreciation Week is the time of year when we get to reinforce & show how thankful we are for all their hard work

Twice-weekly throughout the month of September, Chief Carriers is providing special lunches for their drivers. Last week Brett Kleier, safety manager at Chief Carriers, smoked a pork shoulder through the night and served a special lunch to drivers at the terminal in Grand Island.

Throughout driver appreciation week, Chief Carriers will be handing out goodie bags, gift cards, and swag to their professional drivers at their terminals in Indiana and Nebraska.

From children holding “I Heart Truck” signs across America’s highways to dropping off gift cards at trucking companies, the public has taken notice of the essential role truck drivers play in their lives.

This week we celebrate and show appreciation to not only the 3.6 million men and women but the professional truck drivers at Chief Carriers who not only deliver our goods but also keep our highways safe.

On behalf of everyone at Chief Carriers, we say Thank you to truck drivers in Nebraska and throughout America.