Andrew Winkler Receives 2023 Innovator Award from Heavy Duty Trucking

September 12, 2023
Andrew Winkler receiving the Heavy Duty Trucking 2023 Innovator Award for Chief Carriers

Andrew Winkler Receives 2023 Innovator Award from Heavy Duty Trucking

Scottsdale, AZ – Chief Carriers is thrilled to announce that Andrew Winkler, the company’s General Manager, has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Innovator Award by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. This remarkable achievement recognizes Andrew’s exceptional dedication and groundbreaking contributions to the trucking industry.

Heavy Duty Trucking graphic of a Chief Carriers truck and Andrew Winkler

The Truck Fleet Innovators program, initiated by Heavy Duty Trucking in 2006, annually identifies a select group of 4-6 trailblazing individuals who are at the forefront of driving innovation and positive change within their respective companies. Andrew Winkler’s inclusion in this elite group is a testament to his unwavering focus on visionary leadership and commitment to advancing the trucking industry.

What truly sets these innovators apart is their fearlessness in challenging the status quo and their relentless pursuit of lasting impact. Andrew’s passion for innovation and his tireless efforts have not only garnered recognition but have also served as an inspiration to others within Chief Carriers and the wider industry.

This award is a testament to Andrew’s exceptional leadership and dedication, as well as the collective commitment of Chief Carriers to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of trucking.

The company is proud to have him represent them at the Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange event in Scottsdale, AZ, taking place from September 6-8. During the event, Andrew was presented with his well-deserved award and participated in an engaging panel discussion.

Heavy Duty Trucking awards ceremony in 2023

Chief Carriers would like to extend a special thanks to Doug Kenney from East Manufacturing for the nomination, which ultimately led to Andrew’s recognition as a 2023 Truck Fleet Innovator.

Andrew Winkler’s achievements go beyond this Innovator Award. He has also received the Best Fleets to Drive For Program and achieved global recognition with his podcast, “Driven Too Far.” These accomplishments underscore his ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation within the trucking industry.

As Chief Carriers continue to innovate and lead in the world of trucking, Andrew’s leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the company and the broader trucking landscape. His remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration to all, highlighting the limitless potential for innovation and positive change within the industry.

Join us in congratulating Andrew Winkler on this well-deserved honor, and stay tuned for the insightful contributions he will make during the Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange event, as he continues to lead Chief Carriers to new heights in the world of trucking innovation.