Brett Kleier Applies Over a Decade of Expertise For Dynamic New Role as Chief Carriers Safety Manager

April 26, 2022

One of the first instances that Brett Kleier had to think in-depth about “Safety” was when he was beginning a promising sports career at Midland College to play football, but a twist of fate gravely affected his life. He had undergone a serious car accident that left a lasting impression on him regarding how quickly things can change in an instant and began working in restaurant management after three years of Midland College.

A serious car accident left a lasting impression on Brett Kleier.

Consistently fascinated by the efficiency and planning needed for success in the trucking industry, he began a position at Crete Carriers in 1999, where he successfully coordinated operations as a dispatcher and load planner for 3 ½ years. With 23 years total in various roles as Flatbed, Tanker/Hazmat, Van, and Reefer freight safety roles, he is beyond well-suited for his new role at Chief Carriers as Safety Manager, which he excitedly began this month.

Currently also presiding as the Vice Chairman for the Nebraska Trucking Association’s Safety Management Council, Brett Kleier is also on the Board of Directors, eagerly living and breathing the “freight hound’s” infinite wisdom and all-American spirit. As he continues his role in a position that will dictate a fair amount of policy and logistics, Brett has a grave understanding of being predictive, and how this well-prepared manner of behavior can see you avoiding catastrophic situations. General Manager Andrew Winkler claimed that he knew wholeheartedly “Brett shares Chief Carrier’s vision for what safety should be, and I am excited about our future with Brett’s ideas and experience leading the way”.

“Brett shares Chief Carrier’s vision for what safety should be, and I am excited about our future with Brett’s ideas and experience leading the way”. ~ Andrew Winkler

Brett Kleier and his family.

From the Midwest’s inclement weather to deadline pressures that affect safety protocol, for years to come Chief Carriers will truly see SAFETY as no accident with the well-seasoned and organized presence of Brett now at the helm. Gaining valuable inside knowledge on just how things worked at Becker Transport, Grand Island Express, and Ben Pavelka Trucking, these valuable stops along the way in Brett’s career ultimately prepared him for what will surely be a demanding yet incredibly rewarding step up with Chief.

When any employee issue arises from small to exponential, Brett stresses regularly the fact that he will always have an open-door policy. During an era when supply chain issues and global economic recovery is so dire to daily function, Chief Carriers is proud to have such amazingly A-list team members such as this on board to usher our company into the even more productive days of a surely booming future.

One of the things that employees love most about Chief Carriers, recently named one of the best fleets to drive for, is that it feels like home right away. Every single run that results in a successful dock drop boosts confidence, morale, and sustainability. This is part of the engaging and positively emotional pull of our company: we want everyone to embrace a sense of welcomeness from day one, and here Brett Kleier immediately saw his opportunity to provide his own direct influence and brand stamp amongst all-important day-to-day safety protocol. If you happen to see him around our Grand Island terminal, make sure to introduce yourself, enjoy his infectious smile, and continue building a trucking team of tremendous capabilities!