Chief Carriers Celebrates National Technician Appreciation Week

a group of men with blue jeans and orange high vis jackets standing inside of a diesel mechanic shop.

Grand Island, NE. – Chief Carriers celebrates National Technician Appreciation Week from October 2 – 8.

The goal of the week is to provide a chance to shout out loud about the professional truck drivers’ hard work and commitment.

Professional technicians play an essential and demanding function in trucking at Chief Carriers and all around the United States.

Acknowledging the incredible efforts of these essential workers and professional technicians at Chief Carriers this week will not only help to show our appreciation but also attract mechanics and technicians with the talent to one of the best fleets in America and in one of the most in-demand careers in trucking.

This year, the American Trucking Association and ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council are hosting the third annual National Technician Appreciation Week.

The work of these technicians is essential to the success of every flatbed that leaves our terminals, and without their efforts, our trucks would not be able to transport vital items that keep our economy running.

Trucking technicians are often unsung heroes. We’re delighted to recognize the efforts of the men and women who ensure that our trucks move and our drivers are protected for a week.

To honor the technicians at Chief Carriers, events are being hosted at our terminals in Nebraska and Indiana. Without their expertise and dedication, to making sure vehicles are ready for service and in a safe condition, drivers can’t make the deliveries clients rely on.

“We strive to create great teams at Chief Carriers. I’m confident that if there was a “Best Diesel Shop to Work For” contest, our technicians would be in the mix” said General Manager of Chief Carriers Andrew Winkler.

Winkler’s technician team will not only acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of these dedicated professionals but has scheduled activities throughout the week including pancake breakfasts, steak lunches, a special vendor lunch, and some special swag.

This is the perfect time for our trucking industry and the general public to show their appreciation and say, ‘Thank you’ to these talented technicians at Chief Carriers and the valuable work they do.” Winkler said.