Flatbed Trucking Companies Hiring

April 8, 2022

If you’re searching for Flatbed Trucking Companies hiring, then you came to the right place! Chief Carriers was recently voted as one of the best fleets to drive for in America. With specialization as a flatbed carrier, working for Chief Carriers is more than just a great paycheck.

We’re More Than Just a Great Paycheck

We want your work to be personally satisfying as well as financially rewarding. So, at Chief Carriers, we’ve built the kind of work environment where you’ll feel like part of the family. We know each other here and every member of the office staff stands behind you to make sure you’re successful. That includes providing you with outstanding equipment, maintenance, and safety programs—because nothing is more important than getting you home to your family safe and sound.

What’s the difference between a flatbed and other types of trailers?

A Conestoga trailer at the Chief Carriers terminal in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Flatbeds are open deck trailers used to haul cargo that can’t be loaded into or transported in an enclosed, hard-sided van. Common cargo includes construction materials, piping, cables, and other large items that are secured to the trailer with chains and straps. In many cases, items are also covered with heavy waterproof tarps to protect the cargo from damage during transport.

Chief Carriers also uses Conestoga trailers. rolling tarp trailers. Conestoga trailers are a specialized segment of trailers developed with security, versatility, and protection from the elements in mind. Conestogas feature a retractable tarping system spanning the length of their decks. Once it is in place, the trailer looks like a soft-sided van trailer.

Do Chief Carriers hire for flatbed driving jobs?

Yes. Chief Carriers has a large flatbed division and regularly hires flatbed drivers. Visit our Driver Career page to get in touch with a recruiter or begin the application process.

What is the best flatbed company to drive for?

For the second year in a row, Chief Carriers has been named a Best Fleet to Drive For, so we’re comfortable saying we’re one of the country’s best companies to drive for. Best Fleets designations recognize companies that demonstrate a commitment to driver safety, solid wages and driver benefits, a positive culture, and more.

The best flatbed companies are ones with excellent training, outstanding safety ratings, and high driver satisfaction. Chief Carriers has won numerous awards, and we put our drivers’ safety and comfort first by providing the best trucks on the road.

Stop searching for Flatbed Trucking Companies Hiring, and talk to a recruiter about driving for Chief Carriers! Fill out the Driver Jobs application to get started.