How To Roll Up a Side Kit Tarp

February 28, 2023
side kit tarp as it's beginning to be rolled up at chief carriers headquarters

How To Roll Up a Side Kit Tarp

In this how-to-guide, we’ll demonstrate how to roll up a side kit tarp. The included video will make it even easier for you to learn and master the skill!

To roll up a side kit tarp, lay the tarp out with the logo side up. This is important because on the backside of the tarp, there is reinforcement on the seam.

If you fold the tarp with the logo down, there is no reinforcement on that seam and it will cause the tarp to tear. Starting at the head end of the tarp, fold over the flap to square off the tarp.

Check all ropes to ensure that they are not knotted. If they are, remove the knots before folding them onto the tarp all the way around.

At the tail end of the tarp, fold the tail end trying to get it as squared off as possible. Back at the head end, fold one side a third of the way in. Do the same for the tail end, and then even it out for a proper fold from the head to the tail end.

Fold the other side one-third of the way in by starting at the head end and evening it out to fold the tail end. Even out both folds so that they meet toward the center of the tarp.

Side Kit Tarp on the floor at chief carriers

Starting at the head end, fold one side over the other and even it out from the head to the tail end. Walk down the edges, pushing out the air to make rolling up the tarp easier. Starting at the tail end, bring the fold forward to within 10 feet of the head end.

Walk the folded tarp again to push out air and make it easier to roll up. At the head end, place the bunchy cords halfway under the tarp.

At the tail end, tightly roll up the tarp to the head end. Grab an extra bungee cord and hook it to the one under the tarp. Then, wrap it around the hook on the other side of the bungee cord and connect it back to the first bungee cord hook. Repeat this for the second bungee cord to complete the wrapping process. This is the process for a properly wrapped side kit tarp.

If you did it right, this is how it should look!

rolled up side kit tarp at chief carriers

This is what a side kit tarp looks like when it’s poorly wrapped.

man at chief carriers standing next to a side kit tarp that is not rolled up properly

Thank you for taking the opportunity to read about how to roll a side kit tarp.

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