Chief Carriers Celebrates National Dog Day

August 25, 2022

National Dog Day was created by the National Dog Day Foundation with a mission to promote the adoption of rescue dogs and to support local pet shelters coast to coast. Their motto? “Saving 10,000 Dogs – One Day at a Time”. Earlier this month members of the Chief Carriers team volunteered at the Central Nebraska Human Society in Grand Island. Our team pitched in to help clean up their memorial garden and outdoor spaces.

Every year, dog-friendly businesses across America love to cater to canine family members to help celebrate national dog day! This year, our dog-friendly team members dressed their favorite fido with dog bandanas from Chief Carriers. As a dog-friendly trucking company in Nebraska, we understand the importance of companionship while on the road.

Life as a truck driver for Chief Carriers can be an adventure. You get to see new places across the country and travel down the open road. As you drive you will meet other drivers and, likely, their co-pilot dogs.

Research shows around 40 percent of truck drivers take pets with them on the road.

40% of Truck Drivers in America travel with pets!

If you have a four-legged friend at home, you may be able to make them your co-captain. As a Nebraska trucking company, Chief Carriers understands the benefits of traveling with a dog.

Are you looking for a dog-friendly trucking company? Keep reading!

Five Benefits of Trucking With a Dog

Life on the road as a trucker can be lonely at times. Having your dog along for the ride can be an added benefit. Having a dog on the road can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Companionship
  • Reduced stress
  • Safety
  • Exercise
  • Social

Chief Carriers is proud to call ourselves a dog-friendly trucking company. We reached out to our team members for a little information about their favorite fido.

Meet Sailor a Five-Year-Old Burnese Mountain Dog

Owner: Nelly Fry Venegas

Favorite food: Anything that’s not a vegetable!

Favorite spot: On my lap. He seems to forget that he’s over 100 lbs.

Funny story: When people come over to our house and take their shoes off at the door, Sailor is notorious for stealing one of the shoes when no one is looking and hiding it somewhere in the house. He never chews them up, just hides them……. REALLY well. We’ve realized he’s hidden a shoe before and not found it for multiple days.

Why my pet companion is important to me: Not only is he super sweet and gentle, he helps me communicate better with his deaf and partially blind doggy sister, Scout. He also is very good at sensing when someone is sad or anxious and quick to try to fix it with some cuddles!

Meet Scout a Six-Year-Old Australian Shephard

Owner: Nelly Fry Venagas

Favorite food: Shredded Cheese

Favorite spot: Under our bed or on top of the A/C vent in the Summer

Funny Story: In college, Scout and I were frequent visitors of one of the dog parks. She always would know that was where we were going when we got about a mile away. Scout was born completely deaf and I am convinced her other senses are heightened she could smell the park and that’s how she knew. Once on our way there, we were stopped at a stoplight across the street from the park entrance. I looked out of my driver’s side window to make sure I was safe to turn and there was Scout running through the intersection! She had somehow silently jumped out of the backseat window when she saw the park and decided she couldn’t wait any longer to get there and was going to run there herself.

Why my pet companion is important to me: I rescued her when I was 20 years old and she lived with me in my on-campus college apartment. Scout was my first dog on my own. She has taught me a lot of responsibility and has been with me through a lot of big moments in my adult life.

Meet Dixie Mae a 12-Year-Old Border Collie/Australian Shepard Mix

Owner: Kelsey Witte Safety/Human Resources Coordinator

Favorite food: Sweet potatoes chunks

Favorite spot: Hall county park

Funny Story: Have you ever put snow booties on your dog? Well, the first time we put them on
Dixie, her steps were very exaggerated, and she was not happy, but it gave us a great laugh.

Why my pet companion is important to me: During my cancer treatment, Dixie was always there to comfort me and kept me motivated each day. She is so much more than a dog!

Isn’t Dixie Mae a beautiful Border Collie/Australian Sheparrd Mix?

Meet Chance an 8-Year-Old Pitt Retriever Rescue

Owner: Sherri McCormick

Favorite Food: He loves to eat apples and a special treat of Fromm shredded meats.

Favorite Spot: Chances’ favorite place is sitting on the deck and scanning his domain for rabbits, squirrels, or cats. If one dares to invade the perimeter he sounds the alarm to put the kybosh on their plans.

Favorite Toy: Chance likes to flip his toys in the air and catch them, quite the sight to see!

Why my pet is important to me? I get so much happiness knowing that Chance and my other dog Chucky will be loved and happy for the rest of their lives, no matter how rough a start they may have had.

Meet Chance an 8-Year-Old Pitt-Boxer Rescue

Owner: Sherri McCormick

Favorite Food:  Apples and shredded meat.

His Story: Chucky had a hard life for the first two years of his life and didn’t really know how to be a dog, but his brother taught him the ropes and now he is pretty happy-go-lucky.

His favorite spot: Is the recliner at home. Chuck likes to lay on the chair with his front leg outstretched like superman flying and with those ears… you get the third nickname. He is also a great tap dancer.

Isn’t Chuckie adorable?

Meet Tank a 7-Year-Old Saint Bernard/Pitbull

Owner: Mandee Lade and Jerry Lade

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite spot: The Recliner… which is a NO, NO but he melts you with his eyes.

Funny Story: He is in no hurry unless he sees someone trying to get out of the door to leave…then he turns into a roadblock.

Why my pet companion is important to me: As a puppy, he got very sick and we almost lost him, during his fighting to be with us never stop showing us, love. Tank has shown me how to keep pushing when I just want to give up. He would always nudge me at the right time to let me know he was here for me. He has become more than just a pet he has been a lifesaver.

Meet FeBee a 4-Year-Old Shih Tzu/Chihuahua

Owner: Mandee Lade

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite spot: On your lap or in the driver’s seat of the car.

Funny Story: We call her the alarm… She has caught the kids coming in after their curfew and is always watching for them to come home.

Why my pet companion is important to me: FeBee helped me thru the loss of my mother, I lost my mom about 4.5 years ago and I felt so lost. Even on the toughest days, she was there to pick me up and make me feel better. It was like she knew I was struggling with her loss. My mom would have loved her too.

FeBee and Tank get along great!

Meet Nala a 9-Year-Old Pitbull

Owner: J.J Lade

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite spot: She loves to be under the covers or laying by your feet… so that way she doesn’t miss anything.

Funny Story: She acts like a tough girl but fears our cat, Saleem. She will run crying like a baby, and it sounds like a child crying.

Why my pet companion is important to me: She has helped me thru some tough times in my life and always seems to always have the biggest smile on her face when she sees me. She has shown me what love is all about.


Meet Leeo a 4-Year Old Fawn Doberman

Owner: Mandee Lade and Jerry Lade (our daughter’s dog)

Favorite food: Everything on your plate

Favorite spot: Over the AC vent in the house

Funny Story: He is so big and still acts like a baby deer, is very sweet, and loves to be laying on everyone and everything. He is a big baby when it comes to our group of 4-legged family members.

Why my pet companion is important to me: Leeo brings a different kind of love to our family. One could say he is the family clown and always has us on our toes. He knows just how to show the right amount of love when you need it the most.

What a beautiful Doberman!

Meet Zeus a 4-Month-Old Boxer

Owner: Michael & Wendy Atkinson

Favorite food: Anything dad eats especially cheese.

Favorite spot: The co-pilot seat in the truck

Funny Story: Videos on Tiktok

Why my pet companion is important to me: He helps pass the miles while we are on the road and spending time away from home. Zeus is such a good dog!

Meet Bean a 7-Year-Old Boston Terrier

Owner: Don Wilkes III Name: Bean

Favorite food: Fresh Cheese Curds

Favorite spot: Napping in a Sunbeam

Funny Story: Five times over the last 7yrs, Bean has locked his Poppa out of the truck. Each time has involved fresh food intended as Poppa’s dinner which was quickly consumed by Bean and Poppa had to call a locksmith. This has happened frequently enough that a dedicated “Lock-out Fund” has been set up… for the next time something delicious is available and Bean decides to guarantee there
are no interruptions in his savoring every bite?

Why my pet companion is important to me: Truck
Driving is a career that is rooted in routine. Miles drove, regulations followed, even the interactions with other drivers & customers… they all become redundant. A pet adds a bit of randomness. A pet forces brief pauses in routine – added breaks from the drive, regular meals, and unique interactions with people who want to meet your pet companion. A pet companion can be a valuable asset for a driver’s mental health and personal well-being.

Meet Max a 7-Year-Old Labrador

Owner: Brad and Christina Shearer

Favorite food: Bacon

Favorite spot: Outside in the shade

Did You Know? Labradors are the most popular breed of dog in America for the 31st year in a row! The AKC registered 88,547 Labrador retrievers in 2017, by far the most of any breed.

And did you know that Max is one of the 20 most popular dog names in America? So, what’s not to love about Labradors, the name Max, and that he loves Bacon of all foods!

Meet Ripley a 7-Year-Old Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees Mix

Owner: Brittney & Adam Carter

His favorite food: Homemade dog treats.

Favorite spot: Laying at our feet while getting love from us!

Funny story: When our son, Maverick arrived, Ripley wanted nothing to do with him. Now Ripley will wait at the top of the stairs for us to come up just to make sure Maverick is ok. We love Ripley because he’s a very laid-back dog, and he notifies us every time he hears a

Golden Retrievers are considered the fourth most popular dog breed in America, and are considered among many to be the all-American family dog!

Meet Rooster a Five-Year-Old Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog

Owner: Jaci Fry

Favorite food: Cheese

Favorite spot: Anywhere touching me or his dog sister, Stella!

Funny Story: When Rooster is scared (mostly of Storms), he will climb up on top of the couch where we are sitting and wrap himself around your neck like a scarf.

Why my pet companion is important to me: Rooster keeps his older dog sister, Stella, active and happy, which is important to me. You can tell how much they love each other.

Meet Stella an 11-Year-Old Golden Retriever

Owner: Jaci Fry

Favorite food: Cheese

Favorite spot: Anywhere touching me or her dog brother, Rooster

Funny story: When Stella’s outside, you will find her hunting snakes in the backyard. She somehow can sniff them out underground and even under the concrete patio. She will stalk them however long it takes and even digs them out if she thinks she finds one.

Why my pet companion is important to me: Stella is important to me because she has been with me through a lot of tough times, and she always seems to know when I am stressed and will come to lay her head on my lap.

Meet Bailey an 8-Year-Old Yellow Labrador Retriever

Owner: Andrew & Tracy Winkler

Favorite food: Peanut butter anything

Favorite spot: Anywhere we can play. The backyard or the lake.

Funny Story: Bailey is a thief. She randomly picks up clothing articles from around the house and quietly brings them out to the family room. She likes to taunt you with her newfound treasures and dares you to take them away from her. The most memorable heist was when she managed to find one of Tracy’s sports bras and somehow got both front legs through the bra straps and ended up with the bra on top
of her head like she had two cones instead of ears. We couldn’t figure out how she got into it, and she couldn’t figure out how to get back out of it. We laughed so hard we forgot to take a picture, but it was a sight we will never forget!

Why my pet companion is important to me: The house feels empty without her around. We travel a lot for work and must board her often while away. The house never feels quite right when you get home and no Bailey to greet you. Her presence and companionship is amazing even if we’re doing nothing. She is truly like one of the kids and we can’t imagine life without her!

What Are The Important Tips To Follow When Trucking With a Dog?

  • Truck Drivers should always check the pet policies of each trucking company before trucking with a dog.
  • Smaller breeds of dogs ensure that you and your companion will have enough space for comfort and convenience while on the open road.
  • Choose a short-coated dog breed as this will reduce the possibility of cleaning out fur in your cab.
  • Store plenty of food, medicine, water, and other essentials within your reach when em”barking” on any trip with your dog!
  • Do not forget vaccination records and other essential documents when trucking with your dogs. Just in case!

Thank you to all of our truck drivers and team members who submitted photos and information for this article. It was a fun way to bring awareness to National Dog Day and celebrate it!