The All-New 2023 Peterbilt 579: The Truck of the Future

The 2023 Peterbilt 579! It’s the truck of the future. The all-new 2023 Peterbilt 579 has finally arrived, and it’s better than ever. With a sleek new design and innovative features, this truck is sure to revolutionize the industry. Peterbilt has always been known for producing top-quality trucks, and the 579 is no exception.

The truck Peterbilt is introducing is the result of five years of relentless focus on improving uptime, increasing fuel economy, and taking comfort to new heights. Throughout the development, they’ve listened to their customers and gathered their input to improve what was already a great truck.

Chief Carriers will be adding 10 all-new 2023 Peterbilt 579s to their existing fleet of trucks.

Additional Features Include:

If you’re looking for a truck that can handle any challenge on the road, then the 2023 Peterbilt 579 is definitely worth considering. Here’s a closer look at what this incredible truck has to offer.

The Peterbilt 579 was completely redesigned for 2023, and it looks amazing. The new front end is more aerodynamic than ever, and the LED headlights give it a modern look. The cab has also been updated, and it’s now more comfortable than ever. Peterbilt has really outdone themselves with this new truck.

One of the best features of the 2023 Peterbilt 579 is the all-new infotainment system. This system is packed with features, and it’s sure to keep you entertained on long trips. You can connect your phone to the system, and it even has a built-in navigation system.

If you’re looking for a semi-truck that’s packed with features and modern looks, then the 2023 Peterbilt 579 is a perfect choice. This truck has everything you need, and it’s sure to revolutionize the industry. Looking good is just one of the reasons Chief Carriers chose the 2023 Peterbilt 579, it also has superior technology and a premium interior package.

“We understand that our drivers spend long periods away from home, so we consider this to be a simple investment in our drivers to ensure they have all of the comforts on the road that they deserve.” ~ Andrew Winkler


It’s all about industry-leading features for the 2023 Peterbilt 579. Each piece of technology is designed to keep drivers safe on the road, minimize problems for your clients, keep fleet managers informed, and ensure a trouble-free journey to your final destination.

The 579’s headline features are its leading edge. Each component is designed to protect motorists on the road, minimize problems, inform fleet managers, and assure a trouble-free journey to your destination.

(Image Credit: Peterbilt) The 2023 Peterbilt 579 Digital Dashboard

The Peterbilt 579’s most distinctive feature is its completely digital dashboard, which shows real-time data, such as:

  1. An in-depth analysis of all systems, no matter how minor or major they may be.
  2. Fully Digital Gauges
  3. You may completely personalize the gauge to your preferences.
  4. Pre-Warning Alerts
  5. Trip Summary
  6. Advanced Driver Assistance
  7. Lane Departure Warning System
  8. Collision Alert

Adaptive Cruise Control – This is a feature that allows cruise control to keep up with the speed limit and maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead of it. This not only improves highway driver safety but also contributes to greater fuel efficiency.

The system can automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision, according to the manufacturer. The digital display flashes a yellow light and an audible warning when it senses a potential front-end collision, no matter what driving settings you use. When the Collision Mitigation system is engaged, it may put on the brakes to prevent a collision.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System – The digital display shows drivers and fleet supervisors whether there is a tire problem on the road by displaying the status of tire pressure and temperature.

The 579 truck comes with a two-year SmartLinq subscription, which allows you to remotely monitor the health of your truck and send alerts to your fleet manager of any concerns. SmartLinq keeps an eye on the condition of your truck and informs your operator if there are any issues.


The 579 is equipped with all of the features that you would expect from a Peterbilt truck. It has been designed around the driver in mind, integrating advanced safety technologies for maximum protection and efficiency. Features such as automatic emergency braking and hill start assist helps to ensure that every journey begins safely. The following are some of the key safety innovations available today:

Lane-keeping Assist – An alert appears on the digital dashboard to assist you in returning to the center of the lane if the vehicle veers away.

BlindSpot Detection – The object detection feature activates an alarm when a nearby item might cause a collision. This is especially useful for blindspots and traveling around tight corners and traffic.

Dipped and raised front fog lamps, plus rear split-view mirrors with integrated downward and rearward looking cameras for a better view when navigating blindspots. The improved form is intended to guide airflow over and around the mirrors as part of the advanced aerodynamic design.

The Truck’s Front Grill is a Two-Piece Design – A two-piece truck grill not only looks better, but it also improves aerodynamics and reduces wind noise. LED headlights offer drivers high-resolution illumination and visibility on the road while consuming less energy and strain on the vehicle’s power supply. In addition, in harsh weather conditions, infrared LEDs can be used to improve safety.

The All-New Peterbilt 579 – The truck of the future has arrived and it is available at Chief Carriers. Continue reading and learn more about how you can get behind the wheel of the all-new Peterbilt 579.


The 579 is a well-engineered, thoughtfully planned vehicle that is both convenient and smooth to drive. Starting with the aerodynamic body and working our way through what powers the truck beneath the hood, everything about this truck is intended for a hassle-free and smooth journey.

Improved Fuel Efficiency – 3-piece bumper with air dam beneath, new tip-out fairings to preserve ground clearance, and the improved aerodynamic design all contribute to a 7% increase in fuel efficiency when compared to other versions.

EPIQ Package – Includes Chassis Fairings and Rubber Skirts, Wheel and Under-Cab Closeouts, Bumper Seals, Air Dam, A-Pillar Fairing, Cab/Sleeper Extenders, and Bridge Fairing. The EPIQ Max Package adds Aero Wheel Covers and Rear Axle Aero Fairings.

Lightweight PACCAR Powertrain – The PACCAR Powertrain is designed to work as a team, with each component optimized to complement and enhance the others.

PACCAR MX-11 / PACCAR MX-13 Engine – Both engines employ variable-speed components and enhanced combustion to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption and noise. As a result, fewer pollutants are produced, and the ride is pleasant.

Functional Design Meets Luxurious Comfort While On The Road

the inside of a 2023 peterbilt 579

(Image Credit: Peterbilt) The 2023 Peterbilt 579 was built for comfort on the road!

Last but not least, the 579’s cabin is pleasant, ergonomic, and peaceful. New switches are larger for enhanced usability, starting with driver controls. The cruise control, road speed, and trip modes on the steering wheel are all controlled by buttons. The UltraLoft sleeper offers 8 feet of headroom, 70 cubic feet of storage space, and a comfortable mattress that is the largest in the industry.

Peterbilt is always innovating to bring its drivers the best possible experience on the road. The all-new 2023 Peterbilt579 does just that, with cutting-edge safety features, a lightweight powertrain for improved fuel efficiency, and a comfortable cabin designed for maximum driver productivity.

Commitment to Safety

Chief Carriers is committed to the safety of its drivers and the community. They started investing in safety technology in 2020 with new trucks. 85% of their fleet is now equipped with collision mitigation systems (active braking), blind-spot monitoring, and forward-facing dash cameras.

  • Collision Mitigation Systems
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Forward-facing dash cameras.

Although these safety features will never replace their professional drivers, they work in tandem to ensure that customers arrive home safely.

Chief Carrier’s commitment to safety & red hat culture is well documented and hasn’t gone unnoticed. A multi-year winner of the prestigious Best Fleets to Drive For & Fleet Safety awards, Chief Carriers boasts a driver retention rate that is twice the national average.

Their award-winning drivers are the backbone of their business and they invest in their safety because it’s the right thing to do.

When you’re ready for a trucking company that puts safety, technology, and comfort first, give Chief Carriers a phone call or visit their website to learn more about joining their award-winning team.

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Truck ownership may be difficult and costly to get into. We realize that most professional drivers may not have all of the resources they need to begin. Leasing might be a good option for people who don’t have enough money or aren’t in a position to buy a vehicle outright. Chief Carriers

Lease Program Highlights:

  • Walk-away lease options
  • Paid plates/permits
  • Zero or low down payment options
  • No charge mobile comm
  • In-house maintenance account and escrow program
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  • Fuel Surcharge Program
  • Company supplied tarps and securement equipment

Lease-Operator vs. Lease-Purchase

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