The Truck Parking Dilemma

January 5, 2024
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Navigating the Truck Parking Crisis

The truck parking dilemma is a significant problem for truck drivers all over the United States, making it difficult for them to stay safe, work efficiently, and follow regulations. 

Imagine driving for hours and not being able to find a safe place to park and rest. This is what truck drivers are dealing with every day.

Reports from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) show that finding a safe and legal spot to park is one of the biggest worries for truck drivers. 


Why Is Truck Parking A Problem?

Parking a rig is no easy challenge, especially when you’re out on the road without easy access to your local truck stop of choice (our team voted Sapp Bros truck stop as their favorite, but what is yours?) 

About 63% of them say it’s hard to find parking, and over 90% of drivers feel this shortage of parking spots makes life on the road much harder. 



Why Are There Trucks On The Side Of The Highway? 

From the outside looking in, the truck parking dilemma doesn’t appear to be that much of a story to the general public, however, for those who know of its importance, they are leading the charge for solutions instead of being a part of the problem. 

Andrew Winkler is from Chief Carriers, where he and other industry experts are talking about this issue because it’s so important. 

We’re going to explore the reasons behind the shortage of truck parking spots and the challenge of not having enough space for all the trucks. We’ll also discuss potential solutions to this issue to improve conditions for drivers and enhance safety for all road users.


Understanding the Truck Parking Problem

When it comes to understanding the truck parking problem, the first place to go is straight to the truck drivers, themselves. 

Truck drivers know all too well the challenges and pitfalls of trying to find a safe and secure place to park their rig, which is why we talked to several experienced drivers about this important issue for the trucking industry as a whole. 


The Balance Between Driving Hours and Safe Parking

One critical aspect of the truck parking issue is the delicate balance truck drivers must maintain between maximizing their driving time, as regulated by Hours of Service (HOS) rules, and finding safe places to park. 

These regulations are meant to ensure that drivers get enough rest and aren’t working too much, which could be dangerous for them and others on the road.

However, these rules also unintentionally add to the parking problem. Drivers often end up searching for parking spots late at night when most parking areas are already full. 


Consequences of Insufficient Truck Parking

Insufficient truck parking isn’t just a problem for truck drivers; it impacts everyone.

When drivers have nowhere to park legally, they’re forced to stop in unsafe places, like on the side of the highway or in hidden spots along the road.


New Safety Risks For Truck Drivers

This lack of proper parking spots raises serious safety concerns. Parking in unauthorized areas increases the risk of accidents, putting both drivers and other road users in danger. 

Additionally, these makeshift parking spots leave trucks and their cargo vulnerable to theft, adding to the safety risks.


Legal Consequences For Truck Carriers & Drivers

Lack of truck parking can lead to serious legal issues for truck drivers. 

When drivers have to park in places they’re not allowed, they might face fines. These fines add more costs to their work and can be significant, depending on where they’re parked. 

If drivers keep breaking these rules, they might even lose their license or face other serious consequences, making it hard for them to do their job.


What State Has The Most Truck Parking? 

There are many states that are very friendly to truck drivers, in fact, nearly every state appreciates everything that truck drivers do, every day. 

There wouldn’t be much of an economy left standing without truck carriers delivering on their passion to fuel the American economy. These are the most truck driver-friendly states, ranked in order from top to bottom: 

  1. North Dakota
  2. Montana
  3. South Dakota
  4. Michigan
  5. Nevada

See the full list of truck driver-friendly states and additional information for a more detailed context surrounding this issue. 

No matter which state a truck driver finds themselves driving through, getting caught parking illegally can also mean dealing with the courts and extra legal fees. 

This may not sound like much to those of us who don’t depend on these things for a livelihood, but it can quickly have a negative impact that hurts a driver’s reputation in the industry. 



The Scope and Impact of the Truck Parking Shortage

Just how far and wide does the Truck Parking Shortage spread, and is there anything that individuals can do about it to help? 

Most people probably didn’t know that this was an area of a little contention, but I’m trying to get our team self-sufficient and independent. 


Nationwide Impact: The Crisis Unfolds Across America

The truck parking shortage has become a critical issue across the United States, impacting drivers and communities alike. 

The growing discrepancy between the number of semi-trucks and available parking spots has led to a crisis, with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) reporting a staggering ratio of one parking spot for every 11 trucks. 

This shortage results in over 40,000 truck drivers struggling to find safe parking daily.


Implications and Consequences: Beyond Logistics to Safety and Well-being

The lack of adequate truck parking has far-reaching implications, affecting not just the transportation industry but also posing serious safety risks. 

Drivers forced to park in unauthorized locations face increased accident risks and legal issues. 

The stress and anxiety from the constant search for parking also take a toll on drivers’ mental health, underscoring the urgent need for solutions to this growing problem.

Andrew Winkler from Chief Carriers highlighted the critical nature of the issue, stating, “This situation underscores the urgent need for a strategic plan to boost the availability of parking spaces, to enhance the overall experience and safety of truck driving.”


Truck Parking Shortage Challenges

What can be done about this truck parking shortage challenge? The truck parking problem may not be one that can be solved overnight or over a few days or weeks, but we must remain diligent as a country as a whole. 

If the trucking industry were to collapse, we risk losing our entire American economy and the modern luxurious lifestyle that comes with it because it all hinges on the trucks, trailers, and truck drivers of the transportation industry that play vital roles in every American’s daily lives. 

While this is an important issue, unfortunately, this is something too many people don’t know exists, don’t want to learn anything about it, and aren’t going out of their way to step up and help do something about it. 


Regulatory Challenges For The Trucking Industry

The shortage of truck parking is deeply affected by many rules and regulations. 

Zoning laws and rules about how land can be used often stop new truck parking areas from being built, especially near big cities where more parking is needed. 

Also, environmental rules aimed at reducing pollution and protecting natural areas can prevent the creation of new parking spaces. 

All these rules together make it hard to find new places for truck parking, even though the need for more spaces keeps growing. 


Outdated Infrastructure

Infrastructure limitations play a crucial role in the truck parking shortage, with current facilities unable to meet the needs of the increasing number of trucks on the road. 

Many truck stops and rest areas, constructed decades ago, have not received the necessary updates to accommodate today’s demand. This leads to overcrowding and, in some instances, the deterioration of these facilities.


Financial Challenges For Carriers And Drivers

The increasing costs of land, especially near essential freight routes and urban centers, create a significant barrier to creating new truck parking facilities. 

This economic challenge, combined with logistical obstacles, makes it difficult to expand parking availability. 

The high land prices near critical transportation hubs prevent the development of much-needed additional parking spaces for the trucking industry.



What Is Being Done to Help with Truck Parking?

While the truck parking crisis continues, there’s hope on the horizon with several promising initiatives underway. 

In September 2023, the FMCSA announced an $80 million grant, part of President Biden’s Infrastructure Law, aimed at expanding truck parking access. 

This move signifies a substantial federal investment in alleviating the parking shortage.


Federal Initiatives and Legislation

In 2023, a bipartisan effort in Congress introduced the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act. 

This legislation would allocate $755 million to create new, free truck parking spaces, showcasing a significant commitment to improving truck drivers’ safety and convenience.

Despite drivers hoping for the best, they have been reluctant to put their trust in the government to solve the problem, and rightfully so. 


Commercial Efforts

On the commercial front, truck stops like Bosselman Travel Centers are taking steps to enhance the truck parking experience. 

Bosselman offers truckers clean and secure overnight parking facilities equipped with various helpful amenities. 

These efforts by commercial entities complement the government’s initiatives, working together to address the critical need for more truck parking spaces.


Can Technology Offer Solutions For The Truck Parking Dilemma?

To tackle the truck parking crisis, new technologies, and creative solutions are making a difference. 

Apps like Trucker Path and Park My Truck are changing the game by helping drivers find parking spots quickly and in real-time. 

These apps keep drivers updated on where they can park, making trip planning more efficient and cutting down on the time drivers spend looking for a spot.

Some of these apps also let drivers reserve parking spaces in advance. This means drivers are assured a place to rest, and it helps make the most of the parking spaces that are already there.


AI in the trucking industry

What Is The Safest State For Truck Drivers? 

Truck drivers face a long list of hazards and risks while out on the road every day, but there are also several states that have become “safe spaces” for truck drivers. 

Michigan, Vermont, and Hawaii are the top 3 safest states in the country.  See the list of states and which ones round out the Top 10 safest states by reading the full article and report. 

The 3 most dangerous states for truck drivers are Wyoming, Idaho, and Nebraska.  Since Nebraska is the home state of Chief Carriers and Chief Industries, it looks like we still have a lot of work to do to make our states safe for truck drivers. 


The Trucking Industry and Community Efforts

Beyond technology, the mitigation of the truck parking dilemma also involves concerted efforts from the trucking industry, local communities, and public-private partnerships. 

Recognizing the severity of the parking shortage, some companies have started to reimburse drivers for paid parking, acknowledging it as a necessary expense for safety and compliance. 

Furthermore, community-led initiatives and collaborations between the public and private sectors are exploring the development of new parking facilities. 


Should The Government Get Involved Or Let Private Partnerships Find The Solutions?

These projects often seek to transform underutilized spaces into secure parking areas, offering a creative solution to the land use challenges. 

Public-private partnerships, in particular, are crucial for pooling resources and expertise to create sustainable parking solutions that benefit drivers, communities, and the broader transportation infrastructure. 

These collective efforts underscore the importance of collaboration in addressing the complex challenges of truck parking.


What Is The Most Truck Friendly State?

Trucks and truck drivers are often separated and segmented away from each other when it comes to how people treat and receive them in different states. 

According to a group of very smart trucking industry researchers at the American Trucking Association, the top 5 states most friendly to truckers are Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.  Check out the complete list of states and find out how your own home state performed. 


Final Thoughts On The Truck Parking Dilemma

The truck parking dilemma is a complex issue affecting truck drivers’ safety, efficiency, and well-being across the country. 

It’s rooted in regulatory, infrastructure, and economic challenges, requiring a broad and detailed strategy for improvement. 

Advances in technology and joint efforts by the industry, communities, and partnerships are showing promising signs of progress in tackling this ongoing issue.

Solving the truck parking shortage means making the roads safer, keeping our supply chains efficient, and supporting the trucking industry’s economic health. 


What Chief Carriers Is Doing About The Truck Parking Issue

At Chief Carriers, we’re acutely aware of this problem’s gravity and are dedicated to contributing to meaningful solutions. We invite everyone, from drivers to logistics experts and those keen on bettering our transport systems, to join us. 

Your involvement is invaluable. By uniting, we can confront the truck parking shortage, making our roads more safe and secure for everyone.

The company’s core value that we place higher than any others is safety.  We firmly believe that driver safety is the most important part of the job, which is our main concern with the truck parking issue, as well.  

If you have ideas or suggestions, please share them with our team because we love feedback and firmly believe that our best solutions usually come from us listening to people more. 


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We invite you to learn more about our team’s company culture today, see the career opportunities you have ahead for yourself, and then you can decide to join our team of incredible people that you could join to become an integral part of the solution to the truck parking dilemma and other vital issues that the trucking industry needs to address. 



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